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About Jim Banks Fine Art Photography

As I viewed his prints for the first time, it became clear he was a devoted craftsman inspired by the tradition of F/64 greats, but what made his work unique was that his fascination for the landscape became so palpable that each image transformed into a love letter to the California and greater southwestern landscape.

Susan Burnstine, Black + White Photography Magazine (UK), Issue #188, April 2016

The power, mystery and perfection of the landscape intrigue me, and it is those qualities that I seek to unveil and express in my photographs.

I have had a lifelong fascination with the landscape, and have been making photographs of the land for over 25 years. The landscape is an infinite subject, and there are still new images to be made. This continues to be my passion.   — Jim Banks

For a profile of Jim as seen in Black + White Photography Magazine (UK), click here.

jim banks photographer: black and white landscape photography
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